Welcome to Wayfaring Feminist.

Welcome to my obviously new blog. Founded April 2012, Wayfaring Feminist looks at politics, culture, and current events from a feminist perspective. Wayfaring Feminist is a solo operation at the moment, but I hope to one day feature guests and regular contributors who are willing to analyze and opine issues of social inequality, marginalized groups in society, and the intersections between gender and policy. I hope this blog becomes a community for women in foreign policy and security to discuss such lighthearted issues as gender and internally displaced persons (IDPs), gender and travel, and the growing numbers of women entering the field of international policy, security, and diplomacy.


Amelia Jeep: Amelia is a writer and researcher based out of Washington, D.C. She has a BA from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, an MA from the University of Denver, and nearly a decade’s experience traveling the globe. Her particular interests are gender, ethnicity, regional security, stabilization, and resource management in Central Asia.

Comments Policy:

I love comments. Comments make the community go ’round. However, Wayfaring Feminist is a safe space for discussion on a wide range of topics with sensitivity to issues of race, gender, inequality, disability, politics, and culture. I pre-screen comments in as much as I’m inept when it comes to moderation, so if you think your comment got caught up in my spam filter, feel free to harrass me. I’ve given you a number of options up there on the right-hand corner of this blog for getting in touch. Use them.

I expect some basic etiquette from commenters, just as I expect respect and accountability of my contributors. Those found in violation of our guidelines may have their comments removed. If you see content that you think violates our policies, please email amelia dot jeep at gmail dot com.

1. I love kind, thoughtful, respectful, and open dialogues between rational strangers. However, this is the Internet, and it is easy to get caught up in the moment, especially behind the safety of “Anonymous.” Differences of opinion are welcome, comments engaging in racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, or similarly objectionable hate speech will, however, be deleted.

2. Please read before posting. It is not only respectful to the author, but to the comments above already engaging in the material.

3. Three’s the magic number. I don’t actually have three rules. Be excellent to each other and party on.


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