HuffPo: Saudi Arabia’s Female Olympic Athletes

“One of the things I love about Islam is that it tries to value the transcendental and not the material. This belief is applied culturally in many ways — for example, by covering the body with loose clothing, to avoid revealing your sexy self.

By de-emphasizing the human body — a value applied to women AND men in Saudi Arabia — this philosophy states that the body isn’t important. Physical beauty isn’t important. The matters of the spirit should reign supreme. I don’t think you can find anything that more clearly opposes the core values of the Hellenic Olympics if you tried.

What’s frustrating is Saudi Arabia often seems to impose this value on women alone. The restrictions that prevent women from driving cars, taking buses and even walking through their cities alone are based on a religious code that preaches modesty for both genders, yet none of those restrictions on physical freedom are enforced on men.”

Article: Saudi Arabia’s Female Olympic Athletes (Huffington Post)